Curs Microsoft Word Mediu-Avansat


Continutul cursului poate fi adaptat in functie de necesitatile si/sau specificul cursantilor. Totodata, editia de curs poate fi aleasa de catre cursanti inainte de inscierea in cadrul grupei: 2010/2013/2016.

 La finalul fiecarui curs, fiecare persoana va primi o diploma ce atesta participarea in cadrul respectivei grupe de curs, Certificate of Achievement, elaborata de ITAdviser, Microsoft Certified Partner on Learning Solutions. Diploma are recunoastere atat la nivel national cat si international.

Detalii curs

  • Durata 1 zi
  • Nivel Mediu-Avansat
  • Limba curs Engleza/Romana
  • Limba suport Engleza
  • Cursanti/grupa 10
  • Examen
  • Certificare MOS

Continutul cursului:

Basic Word documents

Chapter 1 : Explore Microsoft Word 2016
Identifying new features of Word 2016
Working in the Word 2016 user interface
Opening, navigating, and closing documents
Viewing documents in different ways
Getting help with Word 2016
Key points
Chapter 2 : Enter, edit, and proofread text
Starting, entering text in, and saving documents
Modifying text
Finding and replacing text
Fine-tuning text
Correcting spelling and grammatical errors
Key points

Chapter 3 : Modify the structure and appearance of text
Applying styles to text
Changing a document’s theme
Manually changing the look of characters
Manually changing the look of paragraphs
Creating and modifying lists
Key points
Chapter 4 : Organize information in columns and tables
Presenting information in columns
Creating tabbed lists
Presenting information in tables
Formatting tables
Key points
Chapter 5 : Add simple graphic elements
Inserting and modifying pictures
Inserting screen clippings
Drawing and modifying shapes
Adding WordArt text
Key points
Chapter 6 : Preview, print, and distribute documents
Previewing and adjusting page layout
Controlling what appears on each page
Preparing documents for electronic distribution
Printing and sending documents
Key points

Document enhancements

Chapter 7 : Insert and modify diagrams
Creating diagrams
Modifying diagrams
Creating picture diagrams
Key points

Chapter 8 : Insert and modify charts
Inserting charts
Modifying charts
Using existing data in charts
Key points
Chapter 9 : Add visual elements
Changing a document’s background
Adding watermarks
Inserting preformatted document parts
Building equations
Key points
Chapter 10 : Organize and arrange content
Reorganizing document outlines
Arranging objects on the page
Using tables to control page layout
Key points
Chapter 11 : Create documents for use outside of Word
Saving Word documents in other formats
Designing accessible documents
Creating and modifying web documents
Creating and publishing blog posts
Key points

Additional techniques

Chapter 12 : Link to information and content
Linking to external resources
Embedding linked objects
Inserting and linking to bookmarks
Displaying document information in fields
Key points
Chapter 13 : Reference content and content sources
Inserting and modifying footnotes and endnotes
Creating and modifying tables of contents
Creating and modifying indexes
Adding sources and compiling bibliographies
Key points
Chapter 14 : Work with mail merge
Preparing data sources
Preparing main documents
Merging main documents and data sources
Sending personalized email messages to multiple recipients
Creating and printing labels
Key points
Chapter 15 : Collaborate on documents
Adding and reviewing comments
Tracking and managing document changes
Comparing and merging documents
Password-protecting documents
Controlling changes
Coauthoring documents
Key points
Chapter 16 : Work in Word more efficiently
Creating custom styles and templates
Creating custom building blocks
Changing default program options
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Customizing the ribbon
Key points

Appendix : Glossary
Appendix : Keyboard shortcuts

Word 2013 keyboard shortcuts
Office 2013 keyboard shortcuts
Creating custom keyboard shortcuts

Appendix : About the authors

Joan Lambert
Joyce Cox
The team
N.B. Suportul de curs este in limba engleza, editat de Microsoft Press, trainingul se poate desfasura atat in limba romana cat si in limba engleza.